Tung-Hai currently runs routine line business between Taiwan and Hong Kong, and transit to Zhujiang Delta sub-line through Hong Kong which providing customers one-dragon service for Taiwan and Zhujiang Delta ports.

1、International and domestic marine/air cargo business :
   Do our best to save your cost and provide high quality service through cooperations with all airlines and big marine company to provide you。

2、Taiwan- HK dedicated line business :
   Use our company’s dedicated superiority to provide Taiwan-HK marine business, and provide addition-value service. Of serial one-dragon etc.

3、China-HK transportation Business :
   Own many years experience in the goods transportation between China and HK which could provide China-HK multi-transportation service in trunk/container transportation business,etc. for company and factory.

4、Import/export custom claim and insurance business :
   We have custom operation department. which could provide company & factory import/export custom claim & insurance for various transportation forms, We also active customers for custom claim & insurance business.