Group Status

Tung-Hai company was setup in Kaohsiung in 1963, and currently owns 11 grocery ships, .5 steamboats totall loading around 32,000 tons. 4 container boats with 600-800 TEU total loading around 28,000 tons. One tugboat and one barge.

In 1977, Union Peace Navigation Corp.was established in Keelung which is a company. Due to business expansion in 1997, simultaneously Taipei and Kaohsiung branch offices were officially setup (Tien Mou Int’l Ltd).

Establishing Union Peace Int’l Freight (SZ) 2001,

Houng Qun Int’l Freight Ltd.-Shanghai in 2004..

2009, Chartered of a built 2008, DWT 8,200 log carrier, M.V. “QING MU”, trading PNG, India, Malaysia range.